Hope Burke Named New Executive Director

The Helping Hand of Hope Board of Directors has named Hope Burke to be its new Executive Director.

Burke, the agency’s current Director of Community Relations, came to Helping Hand of Hope a year ago and has become very familiar with daily operations and the opportunities the agency has to minister to Hardin County.

“I firmly believe in what we do,” Burke said. “We are to be the hands and feet of Christ on this side of Heaven. I have walked in the footsteps of some of our clients so I understand their struggles. I’m looking forward to serving our Lord in this remarkable way.”

Burke has served as a hospice care nurse for Hands on Nursing and Milton Hersey Medical in Lebanon, Pennsylvania and spent time in other medical fields before coming to Kentucky for a family move.

“Hope’s background, her experience at Helping Hand of Hope and her compassionate heart will serve her well in this role,” Executive Director Search Committee Chair Neil Atcher said. “She will do amazing things because she is Christ-centered and will help the agency’s clients reach their potential.”

“I pray the agency can keep expanding its ministry opportunities,” Burke added. “Our staff is passionate about what we do and about coming to work to serve the Lord each day. We will continue the great work of Helping Hand of Hope and, hopefully, our clients will be the beneficiary.”

Burke is replacing Gary Bohannon as Helping Hand of Hope’s Executive Director. He is retiring at the end of October.